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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fiercely determined teen refuses to let foster-care situation define him

Fiercely determined teen refuses to let foster-care situation define him

A 17-year-old ward of the state sat at a computer in Grosse Pointe Woods writing the most important letter of his life. It was a sales pitch to 30 prospective foster care parents in the Rochester Hills area. He'd found them by searching through court records and legal documents. He was begging for a place to live. Begging for a chance to follow his dreams. On a spring day in 2008, he picked the families from the documents and wrote to them, all strangers.

Note: I usually don't post these heartwarming stories, but this kid should be an inspiration to us all. I'm especially interested in how he did his research. If all of this information is publicly available, you should be able to access it as well. This story also points out the uncaring nature of the state as parent setting kids up to fail, and their irresponsibility by making foster parent information available, which could be dangerous under their logic, since a pissed off parent could show up at the home, take the kids, beat the foster parents and run like a bat out of hell to Mexico.

Then there is this line right here...
I found your name and contact information after quite a bit of rigorous searching, strangely enough on a business listing Web site since 'Foster Care' is technically a public service business."

That's brilliant! A big KUDOS to this kid!!! 17 year old exposes security breech by finding publicly available foster parent information. Yet they view him as a trooper and are too stupid to pick up on the fact that this is what he did.

How's that for a headline.

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