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Monday, August 11, 2008

Christine Illsley

Single Mom, Christine Illsley stumbles into the
Family Court system, and has her 6 year old boy
kidnapped by Child Protective Serves, CPS, where
his is sexually abused by homosexuals in California

Christine Illsley fights to regain her
C.P.S. kidnapped Son, now 9, win her right
to Trial after 3 years, and they arrest her hours
later on bogus charges, From Mar. 21, 08 O.S.T.

Christine's Friends visit her in Jail, where Paris Hilton spent a day.

Christine gets jailed for weeks so she can NOT prepare for her Trial. CRIME by L.A. Kangaroo Family Court SYSTEM of Government abuse and child drugging the CPS kidnapped boy

Christine is forced to have Nic Nic in black ghetto of So. Central L.A. before "foster dad" molests 6 year old under CPS control & Placement

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