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Sunday, August 31, 2008


As any person who has ever been involved with CPS in any way would tell you, you always believed that Child Protective Services was a good thing until a social worker came knocking at your door.

You never realized just how bad or corrupted the system was until you experienced it for yourself. Most of you probably even remember supporting such a system based on a lack of knowledge and misunderstanding thanks to all of the misleading propaganda and the opinionated way that these people are represented by the media, the government, and society which leads to the favorable public image of the agencies that take away our children and allow all of these people who care so much for our children to make so much money for doing so.

I'm sure you remember yourself falling for all the heroic glorification and rhetoric that CPS workers and Foster Parents enjoy being pumped out by the media.
Some parents involved with the system might have even considered the "Make a difference in a child's life," LIE that they use to recruit foster parents. At one time or another, prior to having a social worker up your ass of course, you might have even considered doing your part to help the children and becoming a foster parent yourself. Now you know better than to invite the devil into your home, huh.

Perhaps you even once called the Child Abuse Hotline on a neighbor yourself thinking that that persons children needed to be PROTECTED from their parents. Now you wouldn't wish that on anybody huh.
You would have ever even believed that such an agency could exist in America!
Who would have ever known that there was an agency out there that could come along and rip a family to shreds like Child Protective Services can without a shred of evidence but only the word of an inexperienced newlygrad social worker with a hair across her ass?

Why is that?

I just came across this very interesting article on the fathers rights movement, that really kind of sums it up. Normally I don't deal with that particular aspect of the Family Rights movement. I am only posting this link, because I think that what this guy is saying applies to all Family Rights Groups. I just wanted to get you thinking before you checked it out.

I was especially impressed with this particular part of it as it is a truth that any member of the family rights movement needs to understand. What he is talking about here is what others might call "Psychological Warfare" or "Social Conditioning."

II Fighting back

Essentially we are talking about a propaganda war, a war of information—more correctly, of disinformation. Clearly, therefore, a huge part of the problem is public perception. To employ the much overused cliché: we are engaged in a very real sense in a war of hearts and minds.

It is my contention that a war for hearts and minds cannot be won by disingenuous and deceptive methods, and the efforts so far to disguise the problem into a more politically palatable form is the first of the many cardinal mistakes of the Fathers Rights movement.

Any analysis of propaganda begins and ends with language. Using the verbiage of your enemy is the metaphorical equivalent of allowing the opposing army to choose the battlefield. The language used is the battlefield of the propaganda war we are engaged in. The lexicon of our enemy includes using the socially-constructed “gender” in place of the biologically determined “sex,” “parent” instead of “mother” or “father,” “partner” rather than “husband” or “wife,” “choice” rather than “abortion,” and even “abuser” and “batterer” as synonyms for men who fight for custody of their children.

Every now and then I will speak about the anti-child abuse propaganda that has plagued the media for a generation. He's pretty much talking about the same thing from a fathers rights perspective.

I've also come to the conclusion that the terminology used by the Child Protective Industry has become generic. Terms like "abuser" or "abuse and neglect" have been reduced to generic labels with a single meaning. That single meaning is blown out of proportion in comparison to the norm. Most of what is considered to be child abuse does not include death for example, but every child abuser is considered to be a potential murderer or sex offender.

In other words, this is where all of the bullshit that the family rights movement is up against starts to get deep. This is also a look at a common enemy from a different perspective.

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