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Thursday, August 21, 2008

More on the Katrina Kidnapping

A Houston woman has been charged with kidnapping after she allegedly went on the lam with five children she took in after Hurricane Katrina. Police say she was originally caring for the children while their mother resettled in New Orleans. (August 7)

“Because there have been allegations made of possible abuse in that home, that the children would be in danger if they returned to the home, we really just have to check it out,” the CPS' Estella Olguin said. “There has to be some significant evidence that there might be abuse in their home. We can't just take them because someone thinks they can be a better parent than the other.”

Rhonda Tavey had taken in Erica Alphonse and her children in the wake of Hurricane Katrina three years ago. Last week the Houston woman was arrested and charged with kidnapping after she took off with the children a month ago.

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