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Monday, August 25, 2008

Duffle bags, quilts provide cheer for foster children

Duffle bags, quilts provide cheer for foster children

Strange surroundings and a traumatic separation may be lessened for children placed in foster care in Bracken County, thanks to donations from a local church group.
Note: Rarely do I post or try to analyze these, but here is one of those heartwarming articles that just makes me want to f****** puke.

I have nothing against the people doing what they're doing. Anything to help a child in need is a noble cause indeed and God bless them for doing so. These poor misguided souls just honestly want to help out. It's just too bad that they're falling for the same joke as the rest of the ignorant masses who blindly support the bullshit side of the issue.

The problem is not with anybody who wants to donate to foster children, the problem is with the presentation of the article, the subtle attempt to mislead the public, the attempt to demonize the parents who might just be dealing with a false accusation which you rarely see on the news, as well as the desperate attempt to glorify all of the wonderful people who are there to help out.

Notice how articles like this take the attention off of the real issues and problems surrounding the plight of foster children. Articles like this take the attention off factors like the reasons the children are removed, the reasons they are bounced from home to home, the reasons so few of them graduate high school, the reasons so many of them are medicated, etc. EVERYTHING IS REDUCED TO THE GENERIC LABLES (abuse and neglect) but never do they tell you what the state can consider abuse and neglect to be. Abuse or neglect could mean everything from the breakfast dishes not being washed on time to a beating to within an inch of your life and everything that falls between.

Of course the less severe the case, the less likely you are to hear about it on the nightly news. That wouldn't program your little brain into believing that these people are simply kind and caring heros instead of the self-righteously hypocritical monsters that they truely are. That's why most people figure it all out when they actually deal with them.

Take this line from the article for example...
"Some of these children leave their homes with nothing more than a diaper or the clothes on their backs," said Louise Brown, congregation member. "We wanted to give them something to hold onto they can call their own."

The way it's put, it almost makes you think that these kids never had a thing to begin with. None of them ever had a favorite blanket, none of them ever had a favorite teddy bear. None of them ever had a thing that they loved or could call their own until some babystealer and this curch group comes along to help out. There are people out there dumb enough to fall for it you know. How about giving them their families? That would be something to call their own, wouldn't you think? Especially since most of them shouldn't be in foster care in the first place.

On top of that, how much do you want to bet that these wonderful gifts will be presented to the children by the same babystealers who ripped their families appart durring their monthly visit to the foster home? "Hey Munchkin! I have a present for ya!"


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  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

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