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Monday, August 25, 2008

Painful truth about adopted children

Painful truth about adopted children

WHEN Julia Rollings first heard that the orphanage from which she had adopted her son and daughter was embroiled in a child-trafficking scandal, she was faced with a life-changing choice.

She could do nothing, safe in the knowledge that her children, Akil and Sabila, had been declared free for adoption by Indian courts, were Australian citizens and were in a place they called home.

Or she could find out for sure whether the story she was told - that Akil and Sabila's parents had voluntarily relinquished them because of ill-health - was true.

Two years ago, Mrs Rollings chose the truth, and the truth hurt.
Premier can't recall stolen kid cases

QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh says she was not aware of adoptions of stolen Indian children during her time as child safety minister.

Indian authorities and the Federal Government are investigating allegations that more than a dozen children kidnapped from Indian slums have ended up being adopted in Australia.

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