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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mandated reporter law is vague and subjective

Mandated reporter law is vague and subjective

As a mental health professional and a mandated reporter of child abuse, I must speak out about the Missouri laws regarding the reporting of abuse and neglect and the problems it creates for all professionals. The law is vague and subjective, leaving the interpretation open to the individual reporter. In reviewing the current law, it remains unclear why any of the professionals who have been charged with failure to report abuse, then cleared of the charges, have been subjected to public scrutiny of their integrity and professional ability. Lawmakers need to understand the urgent need to write specific laws that will prevent more people from character and professional assassination. It will also allow successful prosecution of those who actually make a conscious decision to do nothing regarding the abuse.

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  1. Anonymous1:41 AM

    This is in line with my thoughts. I believe that because a mandated reporter is held in such high regard a parent has not way of proving his/her case. Mandated reporters think that they are untouchable because of the law and how parents are preceived to be the first "person of interest" in child abuse allegations. If there were to be clear guildlines to what a mandated reporter is suppose to do in case of suspected and witnessed child abuse case there would not be a reason to not believe them. Too many parents are being accused of abusing their children when they are not.


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