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Monday, November 12, 2007

CPS hepling kids to abuse their parents???

They went to their Dad's place!

My 16 year old was here last night. Sometimes, even though the Kids are all wonderful Kids, I want to flush them all down the toilet. They send me absolutely NUTS with their refusal to clean up after themselves, and their fighting. I nag myself into a stupor, and into total exhaustion many days, because they are all bigger than me, and figure they don't have to do what I ask of them. (This is a result of the wrongful apprehension that 'child protective services' did a few years ago, when they told my children that if they didn't feel comfortable doing what I asked them to do, they didn't have to do it - no lie! - when I had been falsely accused of child abuse. The accusations were proved to be unfounded, but the kids were messed up from what happened anyway.)

A mom blogs about her troubles with CPS.

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