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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brother and Sister separated by CPS " based on hearsay"

Another video from a birth parent.

Although my daughter resides with me, she has had very limited contact with her brother (less than 8 hours). I have had none.

From day one, when a protection worker first stepped into my home, they have been a cure looking for a disease.

My son had been placed in a foster home by the children's aid society. He has recently been removed from there. Now he is in a Youth Crisis Center.

I am sure he is there because he is acting out his frustration caused by the emotional abuse of being taken away from his family.

This was a happy kid living in a happy home!

When social workers make mistakes it becomes more and more about covering up sloppy work and the integrety of the agency, and less and less about a "child's best interest"

False allegations, and findings being made with no evidence, must come to a stop.

I put up this video to expose the impact of Child Protective Services and the secrecy of the Family Court have on loving families.

I miss you my little man!


  1. What a disgrace!

    They need to be shut down they are destroying families all over the world and for what? MONEY!

    Damn them and the Title IV Federal funding!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    That is the reason for this blog.


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