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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Family Terrorised by Welfare and Police

A young sydney family claims it's been terrorised by police and welfare authorities because of neigbourhood gossip. Mum and dad are in hiding tonight fearing their baby son will be taken away again.

Police broke down the front door of a suburban home with some workers from the NSW Department of Community Services. They're armed with an order to take a five month old boy from his now distraught parents, his father pushed around, his mother in tears.

It's understood only a few hours before Docs had been told by a neighbour that the child was being neglected, little more than skin and bones with sunken eyes.

The parents who have set up a webiste for their child deny the allegations and in any case insist this is the first time they have dealt with the Department, ever.

In a short statement police have told us that they were acting within the law and under the instruction of the Department of Community Sevices. Welfare workers intern say they had the best interest of the child at heart.

The baby is now back with his parents.

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