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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oregon Human Services: Today's Gestapo?

Oregon Human Services: Today's Gestapo?

Far too many people become foster parents not to provide safe temporary homes for the kids placed in their charge but in a deranged form of meat market as they seek kids to steal for themselves.

Such fosters routinely undermine reunification and drag separation out as long as they can so that they can claim to have 'bonded' with the kids and to put forth this claim as justification to terminate the rights of the real parents so that the fosters can then adopt.

International Custody Battle Heats Up

DHS officals plan to send a 2-year-old foster child to live with his grandmother in Mexo, but the boy's foster parents said their fight to keep him has just begun.

Mexican grandmother eager to take in Oregon foster child

Cecilia Martinez's four children are grown, and while one landed in prison, another is a doctor and one is studying nursing. "All my children are grown, and Gabrielito will be like my own that I can raise again," she said.

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