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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hello, My name is J****, and my grandson was taken by CAS in November of 2006.

Hello, My name is J****, and my grandson was taken by CAS in November of 2006. This has been a nightmare for my daughter, myself and the rest of the family. First of all I must say that my daughter has not been charged for abuse and even the lawyer has stated that this is the first case like this she has seen.

My daughter had a job until the time of her pregnancy. She worked in maintenance as a cleaner part time. The father took off to Europe not even knowing he was going to have a child. She had to go on Social Services and usually can collect this until the child is at least in school because it doesn't pay to get sitters on a part time job. She also got just over $260 dollars a month which all mothers get in Canada depending on their income.

A housing authority person went to my daughter's home when he was only 3 months old. Please keep in mind that the woman was with housing, but asked my daughter if he had his immunization, to which she said, “no, not yet.” My daughter’s pelvis was out of alignment after having him and could not get about very well. From there it escalated. They kept coming to the home. I must say they came often. When they appeared at her door at times she showed her displeasure and cussed them.

When my grandson was apprehended, the $260 and sum dollars went to the foster parent. Foster parents also get 800.00 a month for each child as well. After her rent and heat is paid my daughter now has just $206.00 a month to live on.

My daughter was taking him to physio, as he showed signs of being delayed, as well as to infant development sessions. They finally took him, saying she is also slow. Part of her problem is that she is very insecure. She never explains herself well and this is why a lot of the problem now exists with CAS. However, her problem is more of a nervous condition when around people, she talks with clenched teeth. Here also lies a catch 22 situation. We can try for a disability for her which will certainly go against her because they say that about her now.

CAS also made statements about my daughter smoking, yet I smell smoke on the foster parent, who also smokes. There seems to be two sets of rules that apply when it comes to foster parents and biological parents. It doesn't seem to matter what happens in foster care to the child.

My grandson had no bruising whatsoever when taken, but now, because he has “self abusive tendencies,” he has bruises on his head. When on supervised visits, my daughter has to jump up to stop him from banging his head or they say she doesn't respond fast enough. He is only 3 years old for heaven's sake.

He also has somewhat of a flat head which they blame her for by saying, “You left him laying for too long.” My Grandson could not sit because of his delays. He had to be propped up but was not unduly left to lie there for hours as they are trying to say. I have since done some research on flat heads. I have found out that because of SIDS, children now should be laid on their backs more, and because of that, there is indeed a higher incidence of flat heads especially in boys. Also if they were so concerned, we found out that they could have recommended a helmet to help with the flattened head.

The deposition is full of, let's say, "untruths" the gospel according to CAS. It is full of statements taken out of context. At the hearings, we are not allowed to give oral testimony, only that which is related through the lawyer.

I have since been told that I cannot have visitations. I was overheard on the monitor discussing some of the case and they tell me it's not good for my grandson. Right now, he can only visit with my daughter.

There is one judge who was sympathetic to our cause. He noted that my daughter has walked about 7 miles one way one way in the cold up here in Northern Canada, to visit with my grandson, because she does not always have bus fare. She has not missed one appointment in over a year. He stated that some parents involved with the system didn't bother to visit regularly, or missed visits altogether. However because of all of this we still can expect to lose him forever.

I also have another grandson at the age of 19. CAS was in her life years ago, checking him out, once because the father called them. Nothing ever became of this matter. When he was in school though, he had problems when he inappropriately touched a school mate. He told the teacher that someone abused him when visiting with his father. CAS was called then, but we were not informed about this nor did CAS call police to investigate this apparent abuse. We only found out about this when CAS mentioned it in the court deposition. There does seem to be some substance to this as the father has since been charged with child pornography. When I mentioned this to them I was told they'd look into it, but never got back to me about this incident. Everyone including the lawyer and judge seems to have missed the boat on that.

They are going for the jugular on this one and our lawyer who seems so be doing nothing but sitting back asked me what good would it do to recall the incident of about 12 years ago.

I have had no use for CAS since I can remember and my feelings right now is that they are liars, manipulators and that there is an ulterior motive for "legally kidnapping children". I have used this exact term myself. In our town there is a trial going on concerning a severely abused child. Many people saw the 2 and 1/2 month old child with severe cuts and bruises that are testifying to this fact. When one witness said she called the police they said CAS knew about this and was involved. Well, it was a bit too late for this little one who now lies languishing in hospital in a vegetative state. And how about the Child that drowned while in foster care in Toronto? Good thing it didn't drown while in it's mom's care.

I am so tempted to go to the media like investigative reports or fifty minutes in the end with all of this.

Do you have any suggestions to help us, please. There is only my other daughter and myself in the immediate family that the lawyer would like to see take him. However, even though I want to I have health problems and my other daughter is raising a child and must work full time to pay for a home. Please, please, help if you can. Thank you



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