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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Governor candidate wants to abolish CPS, start over

Governor candidate wants to abolish CPS, start over

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly said Tuesday that he would abolish California’s Child Protective Services system because social workers often remove children from families without sufficient reason. He would then start over from the “ground up.”

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  1. This system seriously needs to be overhauled. It might sound extreme, bit I think that if CPS is doing any good, it's by accident. Here's what happens: they receive a report of abuse and interview people. They present their report in Juvenile Dependency Court. The judge decides what to do based on the report. Police reports are not considered. The social workers don't record their interviews, leaving abuse of the system and mistakes a big possibility. Then there's the low expectations set for foster parents. They seem to get less scrutiny than the actual parents.


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