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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If anybody needs sex toys contact Andrea Hagen a Children's Caseworker at Holy Cross Children's Services in Grand Rapids Michigan

It takes a special kind of person to steal and sell other people's kids, such as your Pure Romance Consultant and Foster Care Social Worker Andrea Hagen from and Holy Cross Children's Services in Grand Rapids Michigan.

On the Holy Cross Facebook Page, she left a comment...

Which linked to her own Facebook page...

which ends in the same number as her Yahoo Email...

I'm not sure what it is about the number 329 that she likes so much, but it's like a calling card.  

I did contact Holy Cross Children's Services in Grand Rapids Michigan at # 616-551-1605 and the receptionist graciously gave me her work cell number 231-942-9662 but told me that "what Andrea does on her personal time is her own business" and refused further comment.

Andrea (right) with her girlfriend who apparently
broke her nose during a domestic violence incident.
I personally think that child stealers should be held to a higher standard in both their professional and personal lives, especially when their Facebook page claims "Healing children and families to meet the social, emotional, educational and spiritual needs." but Low Life's come in all shapes, sizes and sexual orientations I guess.

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