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Thursday, April 24, 2014

3-year-old Putnam County boy killed in hit-and-run; DCF joins in case

3-year-old Putnam County boy killed in hit-and-run; DCF joins in case

Authorities have identified a 3-year-old Putnam County boy killed in a hit-and-run Tuesday night and are questioning several people to determine who was driving the vehicle involved.

Note: My heart goes out to this family.  The article continues...

The Florida Department of Children and Families almost immediately began an investigation to determine whether there was any neglect involved in the child’s ability to get out of the house, said agency spokesman John Harrell.

Note 2: And I love this next line...

“What we need to find out is what was happening at the time of this incident and how the child was being watched,” Harrell said. “We’re certainly going to be sensitive to the poor family.”

Note 3: Sensitivity from a babystealer during a state sponsored anal probe?  Bullshit!  I can't even imagine how that would work.  And what if they do determine neglect was involved?  Are the police going to be just as "sensitive" when they turn it over to them?

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  1. What does poor mean in state eyes got be rich and work for government in order to be someone.

    You can roof over your head and food on table and shop at thrifty stores have job don't pay much this is neglect to them but in gods eyes were blessed as family and were not out there kidnapped a child for funding just to make money were honest and loyal to our children not like them that writes false allegations just bonuses and higher commission they get. So many times parents force to lose child look bad but in gods eyes they are


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