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Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 top employees fired from AZ's child welfare agency

5 top employees fired from AZ's child welfare agency

Note: Great start.  Now they should fire the rest of them.

Director Charles Flanagan said these workers were responsible for the internal process that led to more than 6,500 abuse and neglect cases being closed without investigations.
Oh, first it was 5 now it's 6...

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  1. I know here and now is all your worried about. Then you need to make sure these children are placed back in the families that deserve them.
    My experience was back in the 80's. The headlines above describe exactly what is was and obviously what it is now. Their just out of control now when before nobody knew.
    I loved my child all threw the years of her growing up and also missed her.
    The person who fostered her made sure she ass keeping her.
    She even went as far as.threaten my family who was going to adopt her.
    this has got to stop.
    Nobody if their fit should lose their child forever. I've raised 5 children besides the baby that they stole and their all fine.
    This department don't care about returning the children because they get a bonus when the baby is adopted and the adopted family gets check till that child turns 21. They do it as a career not because they want a family.
    It's sad but true God bless us all.
    P.S. If you delete I'll keep on posting till they do something to help biological families reunite. Amen


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