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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ombudsman should oversee child welfare, MPP urges

Ombudsman should oversee child welfare, MPP urges

The case of “Daniel,” who was removed from his foster parents’ home last year and placed in a youth treatment facility, illustrates why the provincial ombudsman should have the power to investigate children’s aid societies, an NDP MPP says.


  1. Katherine Cherry12:45 AM

    I have not been impressed with ombudsman representation, in my own personal occurances, with Maine's recent reform and the Ombudsman Organizations boasting of the successes there, and with the very difficult ability of acquiring any ombudsman services. I view the ombudsman solution as a poor choice, and will likely add another level of legal corruption ot an already corrupt system. This is likely a movement by the ombudsman industry seeking to expand their industry, and have found a lucrative and easy entry point of access.

  2. Katherine Cherry12:48 AM

    Ombudsman representation is weak representation on behalf of parents and/or victims, in my opinion.


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