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Thursday, February 24, 2011

CPS Adoptions: Were Relatives Considered First?

CPS Adoptions: Were Relatives Considered First?

She was only 19 when Amber Chenault gave birth to her daughter.

CPS Adoptions: Were Relatives Considered First?:

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  1. Chilling. Absolutely chilling.

    Please do not miss the social workers comment following the story: mcnickii :
    This is a everyday situation that occurs. I worked for CPS for over 4 yrs and I watched this happen day after day! CPS feels that because they are basically beyond the law and that they can do as they please and in most cases it happens like that because they LIE and lead you on until they have done all the legal work through the courts and have adopted the children to foster parents rather than even checking into relatives that would and could take and adopt the children/child!!!! I personally know a family this was happening to and I knew when she started telling me the things CPS was telling he rthat they were again telling LIES and up to no good!!! I told her to get an attorney ASAP and get them to file paper work to stop any and all adoption processes being done on the children with the foster parents....thank God she listened and she as of DEC. got the children and is adopting them! there are so many out there....CPS is NOT out for the best interest of the children!!! I know this to be FACT! I stopped working for them because I REFUSED to take part in what they were doing!!!!


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