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Friday, February 25, 2011

Child Protective Services investigator arrested in pot bust

Child Protective Services investigator arrested in pot bust

A Child Protective Services investigator and two other people were arrested on drug charges after police found marijuana growing inside a Flagstaff home.

Note: LOL

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  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    my ex husband, his mother, his sister and brother inlaw used CPS as their "weapon of mass destruction" to steal my native american children for his sister, who is infertile and cannot have her own children. their sirst attempt came after my ex & i asked his sister to leave our home due to excessive chaos and the disturbance she was creating while staying with us. my ex and his family are NON NATIVE !!! my ex and his family excessivly abused me verbally, emotionally for nearly the length of my marriage to my ex. this family made an enormous amount of falacies ... their "proof" of their accusations you may wonder ... ??? their ouija board!!! NUMEROUS unsubstantiated REPORTS BY THIS FAMILY, EACH REPORT CONTAINING FALSE ACCUSATIONS !!! people face consequences for malisciously using 911 as well as other agencies , so should those who abuse cps with maliscious activities and false accusations as their "tool " to steal someone else's children !!


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