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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Warning to the Parents of Florida

This my dear friends, is what we call Child Abuse Propaganda. It is totally written by a system suck, and is designed to tug on your heart strings with the use of extremes and sensationalism. This article is a great example because it incorporates a little fear mongering at the beginning by trying to make you believe that cases of child abuse that are this extreme are relatively common, when in fact they are not.
State steps in less and more kids die
The fact of the matter is that these assholes don't know the difference between child abuse and a hole in the ground.

The details of Nubia Barahona’s death are grisly: Soaked in toxic chemicals, decomposed and stuffed in a garbage bag, she was found rotting on the shoulder of the interstate on Valentines Day. Authorities believe she had been stashed in a septic tank for weeks before her adoptive father dug up her corpse.

Yes this was one sick SOB. But thankfully, people like this are rare. And although all cases of real child abuse are horrible, some are obviously worse than others.
Statistically, however, Nubia’s story is rather common:
Thank God the first line in the second paragraph is a flat out and blown out of proportion lie.

Also this is an adoptive parent not a real one. Notice how that is not clearly stated in the article.

And notice how quickly this article abandons the subject of the little girl who was killed by her adoptive parent and goes into the history of Florida's Child Welfare System. She was used as an emotional tool so that you would get sucked in.

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