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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A stupid question that was asked in Yahoo! Answers.

I'm sexually attracted to my foster father?

Ok so i've recently moved to new supported accommodation and there's a happily married couple, thing is everytime i see him i just wanna grab him and have sex with him. I know i can't coz i'm not the kinda girl to wreck relationships as i wouldnt like it done to me but i find myself daydreaming about him all the time, thinking up really sexual hot scenes between him and me and i melt everytime he looks at me. It's breathtaking. He's in his 40's but to me thats not a problem as i have always gone for older guys and i'am 19, so over the consenting age, but i really really want this man in my bed with me. Advice please, and if you're only going to leave spiteful comments then please don't bother at all

Note: Yes folks, this was posted in Yahoo Answers. I assume it will violate some rule and be deleted before too long. Kind of like what the does to peoples comments.

Perhaps This Special Pre-Adoption Propaganda Month Link will help to explain why they do stuff like this.

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