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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CPS Warrior Nancy Schaefer Gunned Down

CPS Warrior Nancy Schaefer Gunned Down

State investigators say the husband of former state Senator Nancy Schaefer shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. The couple’s bodies were found in their north Georgia home Friday. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducted autopsies on the Schaefer’s Saturday—investigators say all evidence points to the deaths as a murder-suicide. The bodies of Nancy and Bruce Schaefer, 73 and 74 years old respectively, were found by their daughter at the couple’s home in Clarkesville. Nancy Schaefer was a two-term state Senator representing Georgia’s 50th district. She lost her seat in 2008. Schaefer was also a candidate for mayor of Atlanta, Georgia lieutenant governor and governor of the state.

Note: All we know about this is what the news media has told us. That, I'm sure, is very limited information. I will post what I find, I will not jump to conclusions and make claims that I can't back up.

All I can say is that I'm sure there is a lot more to this story. What that is, remains to be seen.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I will be be Moore Full Steam ahead...I got two daughters out of 6 waiting for
    R they Real Family ..y
    The State of Maine.......
    MAINE...not the lovely State after all..
    The system needs to n
    Be revamp......and kick out the greedy
    sickos..... LTG.JGA

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Let this be a lesson to a
    All USA families need your true undivided attention...or the the CPS..will play you.and your love your family...take care...
    Senator Nancy Schaefer I feel disgusted By Sickos thar are killing a Woman.Mother.Grandmother. Wife Sister.etc.... who wanted to help Families!!!!!


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