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Friday, March 26, 2010

Attorney: Army Has No Legal Duty To Report Child Abuse

Attorney: Army Has No Legal Duty To Report Child Abuse

An attorney for the U.S. Army argued in court on Thursday that Army officials have no legal duty to report child abuse to civilian authorities.

The attorney said the mother of a 5-year-old girl who was beaten to death at Schofield Barracks is not entitled to damages.

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  1. K, hendersonville,tn4:46 PM

    My son,now 15, whom I raised and his army father NEVER even saw until he was 13, has taken him from me and I can't get help.This man Never even paid 1 cent nor called to see if his son was alive for 13 years. He has taken him to his 'rich & fancy"farm in manchester TN.[where he seems to control the law there]My son was being treaeted by 3 diff. doctors here in hendersonville,TN-due to child abuse from this man-which he only devulged in feb 2010 to MD & Me.They have each reported him for this abuse! I lost my job & after working 2 jobs to raise my 15 yr old son alone,have NO money to get help.I am terrified of this man who, says he has a license to kill,loves Iraq,broke my ribs when I was 7 mo.pregnant & threatened to kill me and take my son to live in the midle east.Please email me as to what I can do,to report him to the army for all this. I am my son's Primary custodial parent but am so afraid of his biological dad, I cant take my son from that


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