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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Child Snatching by the State Conference

Child Snatching by the State Conference

Saturday 10 April 2010 Start: 11 a.m. Finish: 5 p.m.

Venue: Stafford Rangers Social Club, Marston Road, Stafford, ST16 3BX

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in media reports concerning Mothers and Fathers, Grandparents and Families reporting the taking of children from their parents and homes by Social Services. Most significantly, many children are taken using false evidence, psychiatric reports and false accusations by Social Services, in collusion with Local Authorities, Police, Judiciary and other agencies. The ‘snatching’ of the child or children is further facilitated by the secretive system of the Courts, where the parents are gagged from telling the truth about what is happening to them and their child. Perjury in Court to assist the ‘snatch’ is commonplace.

In many cases, evidence collected at the time, or emerging later, shows that the children snatched by the state are often subject to neglect or abuse within the care protection system. Some children are also drugged. Parents of either sex, who try and fight to keep their children, are frequently subjected to psychological pressure and intimidation to undermine their efforts, drive a wedge between them and their partner, and in a number of cases silence them by incarceration in psychiatric institutions and / or ‘forced’ prescription of psychotropic drugs.

Over the last three years, the UKColumn community newspaper has received many reports on child-snatching and child abuse, together with irrefutable supporting evidence of wrongdoing by people and authorities who should be protecting children and families. Some of these cases can only be described as horrific, and of major concern to every moral person in UK. The latest has been that of the paedophile rape of Down’s Syndrome girl Hollie Greig. This informal conference has been arranged by the UKColumn as part of the growing Lawful Rebellion movement – people across UK taking peaceful action to say “enough is enough.” In this case we are working to bring victims of ‘Child Snatching by the State’ together to learn more about the nature and sheer scale of the problem – government sponsored ‘Child Snatching’. We will also be setting out ways in which families, organisations and individuals can work together to stop this vile crime, and to bring those involved to justice, no matter what their personal and professional status, affiliations and wealth. Contributions from members of the public and especially those who have suffered the loss of their children are encouraged, within the time available to us.

Speakers: Welcome and Introduction: Brian Gerrish

Canadian Indian Holocaust: Kevin Annett

Forced Adoption: Ian Joseph (to be confirmed)

Kendall House Abuse: Teresa Cooper

Gulag of the Family Courts: Jack Frost

A Parent’s Tale: Jane Webb

Afternoon Session: Open Mike and Q&A Mums & Dads

Way Ahead: All (Faciliator Brian Gerrish)

Costs: The cost of the venue is £300 which we ask is covered by a small entry charge / donation. We realise many people are on very limited budgets and ask that people give what they can.

NB: Precise timings and order of speakers to be announced nearer the 10th April.

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