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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Autopsies being performed on Schaefer and husband

Autopsies being performed on Schaefer and husband

State Sen. Don Thomas of Dalton said this morning he believed that Bruce Schafer had been ill Couple’s daughter, who lives in the same gated community as the Schaefers, had no knowledge of any serious illness affecting her father

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  1. Please join us in praying for the Schaefers five children and 13 grandchildren as we mourn the loss of two great patriots. This is a tragic loss for all Americans and a sad conclusion to two precious lives spent serving others. My husband and I met with the Scahefers 6 weeks ago. They both seemed healthy and in good spirits. As strong Christians and good Baptists we can't believe either Bruce or Nancy is capable of murder / suicide. Senator Schaefer has been the leading proponent for reforming the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services ( Child Protective Services ), ending DFACS (CPS ) persecution of families and stopping DFACS ( CPS ) mistreatment of children.

    Since leaving the Senate, Senator Schaefer has continued her camaign to reform DFACS ( CPS ) speaking in Washington at the National Eagle Forum and in Amsterdam the Netherlands at the World Congress on Families on the crisis of DFACS ( CPS ) misconduct, family rights and protecting children. Georgia DFACS ( CPS ) has a long history of illegal and illicit activity. They have a strong incentive to silence Senator Schaefer. We can't prove DFACS/CPS is behind the Schaefers' murder but the FBI should investigate. Having GBI or any other Georgia agency investigate won't remove the cloud of suspicion of a coverup. Please call the FBI and ask them to investigate.

    Let us not allow Senator Schaefer's death to be in vain but rather let us honor her memory by continuing her fight to reform DFACS abuse. Everyone should read Senator Schaefer's excellent report on DFACS corruption at For more information regarding what you can do to protect children and families from DFACS ( CPS ) persecution please visit or email us at


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