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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is official! We have made an impact!

This makes my day!

Abuse of 'baby-snatcher' social workers finds an outlet online

Social workers involved in sensitive child protection cases are being targeted as angry families vent their fury on blogs
I have just come across an article which discusses the impact that the blogs are having on the Child Protective Industry in the United Kingdom.

And some said that people like me are wasting our breath! Ha!

And to all of you out there who blog for family rights, keep up the good work!
I left the following comment on this article. Because my comments are so often unpublished, edited or deleted, I am forced to respond here.

I am probably one of the most outspoken and most well known of the bloggers of which you speak about in this article.

I run a blog called Legally Kidnapped, and I will continue to publicly and very loudly criticize all child welfare systems as long as it is deemed necessary. And as long as the social workers of England screw up regularly, as long as the judges of England rubber stamp their signatures on removal orders, and as long as the major news providers such as the BBC and the Daily Mail and the Guardian, etc continue to feed me useful information which proves the corruption, unethical acts, lies, incompetence and flat out sadistic nature of the British Child Welfare System, I will continue to use it in support of the family rights movement. And I have no problem in doing so.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not the bad guy here. This is not a war that I started. I fight for families. I fight for children who have been victimized and destroyed by the system which is supposed to protect them. I give a voice to the grandparents who have been cut off from their grandchildren when they've done nothing wrong. I give a voice to those who have been abused or destroyed in foster care. I have never published a name that has not already been published in a major publication. I just help to talk a little bit of that shine off of their halo's. I do so by linking to news articles. I link to other blogs. I link to video's. And I don't make any of it up. I provide links and commentary, that demonstrates the failures of the child welfare systems, failures which are often covered up in an effort at maintaining a positive public image. I urge the reader to go to the original source of the information to read so that they can judge for themselves. So don't blame me for issues that the child welfare industry of England or any other part of the world brought upon themselves.

Cry about it all you want. The only thing that this article proves is that I am doing my job. And to any other family rights blogger out there or to any other victim of child welfare fraud, keep up the good work.

We have made an impact! Keep hitting them where it hurts the most. Their public image. Just like they do to parents all over the world by exploiting and exaggerating the worst of the worst so that the people believe that all cases are as severe as that which is exploited and blown out of proportion on television.

And to the author of this article, the next time you want to write an article about blogs which are causing trouble, as you claim here, please provide the links to these blogs so that we may view them and judge for ourselves. Otherwise, people are forced to take you at your word.

And might I also suggest to my beloved readers, that you go and read what our beloved Beverly Tran has to say about this particular issue in a brilliant little piece which she wrote on it entitled, Truth Is Always Uncomfortable in Child Welfare

And as the Guardian continues the practice of censorship by deleting comments in opposition to its views, let it be known that we're onto your little public relations propaganda campaign.

My comment, which you can read right here has been deleted.

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