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Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Wonder There Isn't a Stronger Outcry About the Missing Boy

No Wonder There Isn't a Stronger Outcry About the Missing Boy

The Oakland Tribune's Tammerlin Drummond complained in a piece yesterday that people weren't out searching for 5-year-old Hasanni Campbell, who allegedly went missing in Rockridge, suggesting that it was because the boy isn't white. Drummond also argued that there was no evidence to suspect Campbell's foster father was involved in the child's disappearance. But of course, there has been ample reason to suspect the foster father from early on in the case, and now there's even more. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, newly released court documents show that Louis Ross threatened to abandon the child just ten days before the boy supposedly went missing.
Police Deny Foster Dad Is Suspect

The foster father of a missing 5-year-old with cerebral palsy reportedly sent an expletive-laden text threatening to leave the child alone on a BART platform just 10 days before the boy disappeared.

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  1. I said from the beginning that something is fishy as hell with this case. The "mother" refused a polygraph for fear it would hurt her unborn child. It measures blood pressure, perspiration, that sort of thing, it is not invasive at all. I still think they should be looking for this child just in case he's still alive but I suspect he won't be found for a long, long time unless they get lucky. And these are the people the STATES choose to protect them from US. What a crock of bullshit this is, excuse my language. The father-figure is guilty and I highly suspect the mother-figure knows exactly what happened. THAT'S why she refused the test.


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