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Friday, August 28, 2009

Social worker shortage after Baby P puts children at risk

Social worker shortage after Baby P puts children at risk

In the wake of the Baby Peter case, child protection referrals have shot up – but vilification of social workers means there are now far too few to handle the caseloads


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    When you use the phrase "labor shortage" or "skills shortage" you're speaking in a sentence fragment. What you actually mean to say is: "There is a labor shortage at the salary level I'm willing to pay." That statement is the correct phrase; the complete sentence and the intellectually honest statement.

    Don't speak about shortages as though they represent some absolute, readily identifiable lack of desirable services. Price is rarely accorded its proper importance in this sort of "worker/skill shortage" rhetoric.

    If you start raising your wages and improving working conditions, and continue to do so, you'll solve your “shortage” and will shortly have people lining up around the block to work for you even if you need to have huge piles of steaming manure hand-scooped on a blazing summer afternoon.

  2. This is no real surprise?
    Social Workers, are poking there noses into Families, when there is no need for any intervention.
    Care Proceedings have risen to 80%, within the UK, since the Local Authority failings up and down the Country, resulting in the death of vulnerable Children.
    This result is down to their own incompetence.
    The Family Courts are in meltdown, due to the waiting list for Guardians, to be allocated to Cases,and in some areas of the Country, there is a five month waiting list, once again leaving Children at risk, of abuse or even death, and at the other end of the scenario, innocent Parents being apart from their Children, for a longer time scale.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.


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