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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bullshit Alert!!!

It's Not Just a Job - A Realistic Preview of a Career in Child Protective Services

The following program contains graphic depictions of child abuse and neglect that viewer may find disturbing.

Viewer discretion advised. This may make you want to puke.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Once again, the presentation of child protective services has been one-sided, skewed, and distorted to promulgate the continuance of its existence.

    Recognizing the need for services and staff is a valid point, but there are other needs.

    First and foremost, there is a reason why society has generated the fear of the knock of a cps worker, and this is due to the unmitigated nature in the lack of accountability and transparency.

    What this means is that cps possesses absolute power, unchecked, without any repercussions when there are violations of law and policy.

    Segments of the video exposed how our judicial system is left dependent upon the sole discretion of the workers.

    There is a need for society to know that there exists recourse and oversight.

    There is a need for cps to be held to the same, if not higher levels of accountability, exactly the way parents are processed. Cps worker immunity must be dismantled for the actions or inactions to become legitimate.

    Stop throwing hurt children as a recruiting tool.

    Poverty is not a crime, nor is it grounds for removal.

    If the work of the Arizona Department of Economic Security is so ethical, then I challenge this state entity to put out a video instructing the public on the grievance process and the rights of the individuals involved.

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    To be good at this job you must have NO natural affection or conscience. You must love to inflict horrible pain on families and little children.
    Truth is they leave those who really are abused in homes until they are severely injured or dead and steal good, healthy children and adopt them out for big money! CPS/DHS needs to be exposed!
    This is an attack on families world wide to destroy innocent parents and children. DESTROY DHS/CPS AND RETURN THE CHILDREN TO THEIR FAMILIES WHO LOVE THEM AND CARE FOR THEM! CPS/DHS IS A SICK JOKE!


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