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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails?

Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails?

Do we truly value all children regardless of their situation or condition? For several years, I have pondered this question listening to the highly publicized debate of pro-life versus pro-choice, and wondered why there is no public attention for the large number of children that have been aborted from human society. Well, recently I have noticed that this form of abortion is occurring more and more with children whose adoptions have been disrupted. In these cases, the children are being rejected because of violent behavioral problems—typically labeled as “Reactive Attachment Disorder”—from often untreated emotional traumas. These abandoned children, who are usually older and from another ethnicity or nation, are placed into the already overburdened U.S. foster care system; or as for intercountry adoption, they are returned to their home country with no proper system to ensure they are safe or properly cared for.

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