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Monday, August 17, 2009

Judge Judy - Infant taken away by Child Protective Services

Part 1

Judge Judy - Plaintiffs sue defendant for making false charges to Child Protective Services


  1. OMG LK I know this case...there is a youtube video about this baby posted by should see the rash that this baby had on its ass...

    CPS not only removed their daughter, lied about the drug tests, but they allowed their daughter to be abused in foster is the link for the video...

  2. The news video shows a minute amount of how badly this baby suffered while in foster care. At three months of age, the foster parents took her to the beach and she was horribly sunburned.

    While in care, this rash that appears to be a bad diaper rash, is actually an infection that can be seen in the 30 min. video made by the family friend.

    The baby obviously has an ear infection and is tugging on her ears the entire time of the video.

    The drug test was NEGATIVE, except for the medication given to mom while in labor.

    Why do hospitals take drug tests after they give a mother drugs?

    One vicodin will reflect positive for opiates. Almost seems like a setup!~

    Smart grandma had mom and dad obtain a hair folicle test to prove they were not doing drugs.

    Little Miss Smartie Pants sister needs to spend some time behind bars for no less than the amount of time the baby endured foster care!~


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