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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worthy of Posting

Note: Somebody actually has this petition going. No it's not me. Sign it anyway. This person deserves a Kudos.

Ban child protective services from the united states

Parents i urge you to consider banning cps from the system they have become corrupt over the decades i myself was a foster child i know how horrible those places are in California a 12 yr old got raped and pregnant by her foster dad in tx a 2 month old got his finger bit off by a rabbit when i was in there kids were drugged by medication to be tolerable and controlled some become obese due to respiradol and opposite effects are possible when a person does not have the diagnosis in which the therapist puts on them depakote is to block paranoia but it threw me into complete paranoia ever been scared of everything? i was.also while on medication the foster parents and kids would beat and rape other kids sure some kids need a home what about other family or run tests sex offender psychological parenting lie detectors every test to make sure our kids aren't hurt anymore i want police to get involved not cps drugs are for the DEA violence is for the police not a prissy cps caseworker that brags about how much they make how many cars they drive or what not we have to be the voice of the world this will decrease violence decrease depression decrease homelessness people will achieve more education thus providing more jobs to pay the taxes that fix the homes and increase cash flow truth is cps tell a family the home must be perfect for the kids but we over spend our budget we may work several months on our home but they want it done all at once who has that kind of money rich people do what about someone already struggling to make it but is making it they target those families i dream of a world full of laughter no more scared kids help me make the world a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i agree with you.cps in altus oklahoma are not doing things right either.most of there workers are not even done with there schooling.this city lets them do whatever they want, even the judges an law enforcement.cps take kids from there home and put them in homes that are not fit for little see these kids and there always sick.cps are getting out of control and they need to be stopped!!!!! if anyone has any way for me to start some kind of audit or investigation please i said they need to be STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!


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