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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report lists eight ways DFS needs to improve

Report lists eight ways DFS needs to improve

The Wyoming Legislature’s Management Audit Committee met on Friday to consider the program evaluation draft report “Wyoming Child Protective Services.”


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    My family has been struggling to find someone to even listen to our story. We live in Arnold, MO and a DFS social worker came to our house, asked a few vague questions for about 10 minutes and said that while the investigation was under way, they wanted our children to stay somewhere else as a precaution. We even offered to let the social worker and the accompanying police officer search our home and computer. The social worker declined. The next day, the social worker called threatening to have our children placed in foster care and me on a sex offender list. She wrote a false report claiming that we did not cooperate with them, refusing to let them search our home and computer. She even claimed that I confessed to sexual abuse and claimed that I was arrested. I was not arrested and the police officer is a witness. There isn't even a police report. We conducted a background check on the social worker and found evidence of identity theft and other falsified documents. I've tried to contact the FBI, but can get no response. At the DSS appeal, they refused to let my wife testify on my behalf, and paper work keeps saying that the case is my daughter against me, when the truth is that it is our family against the social worker, Kelli Hodge. The DFS report is filled with contradictions, lies, and omissions. I feel that I'm being intimidated by DFS to not take any legal action against them. We have our children and nobody was arrested, but the slander is a big issue. They are threatening to place me on a register for abuse and neglect, eventhough there was never any testimony of abuse outside that of Kelli Hodge's false claim, and there isn't any evidence to support her claim. Our next step is to go to court and hope that the real legal system can fix things. Please help us with ideas! We are willing to provide all of the documents that we have to prove that Kelli Hodge is guilty of identity theft, misrepresenting the DFS organization, and falsification of documents. We are frustrated, because this criminal is at large and we can't get anyone to listen. We had difficulty even finding an attorney, because everyone says that as long as I don't have an arrest record and we have our children, it isn't a big deal. How corrupt is the system, when slander and falsification of records is considered to be too small of an offense by comparison to even follow up with an investigation?

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Update: Two years later and they keep avoiding court and have actually had the nerve to suggest that unless things remain as they are, they may have to reopen the case. You tell me, does this sound like a carefully worded threat or not? Every court date that I've managed to get, gets postponed. I actually managed to step foot in the courtroom in Aug. 2009, but the witness that we subpoenied (the police officer) didn't show, so we had to reschedule. Furthermore, they refuse to let me submit evidence, like recorded conversations or pictures. I thought that ignoring a subpoenia was against the law. Apparently, not if you are a part of a corrupt local government. Bottom line, I've been told what a wonderful country this is and I'm going to hold them to it with the belief that all of the propaganda about my rights and due process is true. Even if it kills me or takes 50 years, I won't let up in support of the truth and justice or in pursuit of the promises that this country has made to me. I grew up around bullies, so I have no tolerance for them, even if I don't stand a chance against them, they'll have to take me out before I stop fighting.


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