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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jadyn and Joey~ Rest in pieces

This is a vid tribute to my sons taken from me by CPS. The song is Saliva Rest in pieces. I used this song because it is one of the few that describes how I feel. We have to stop CPS from ruining more families. I do not claim the song and it is the property of Saliva. Again I say I have NO rights to this song whatsoever and thank the record company for allowing me to dedicate this song to my beloved sons. Check out Saliva's music. They ROCK!!

How I lost my sons:

On August 19, 2004, CPS cam to my home on alligations of drugging my sons and deplorable living conditions. We had just moved into a house that was freshly remodeled. I hadn't unpacked everything before CPS forced me to move again. They charged me with failure to protect because I had a small bruise on my breast the size of a fingernail. This is what they built their case on that my husband hit me. Our case plan was written Spetember 04 and by the end of December we had completed everything on it. A 6 month review was held on January 21, 2005, where CPS made claim that we had done nothing on the case plan and revised the old one and added 3 more things we had to do. I had no car, no job, no money and they refused to help saying that if I cared for my sons I would find a way to get money. I lost everything when they came into my life. My job, my house, my car, everything I owned, and more importantly, my sons. Jadyn was 31 months old and Joey was 15 months old. Just babies that reached for me and screamed for me when they took them from my arms. I had two more children during this time and the third one was taken into custody by another agency. But was given back to me 11 months later after I completed the case plan that the original one created. By then I had my daughter (3rd and 4th children are 10 months apart). I took my new born daughter into court with me on July 19, 2006 and had paper work and testimony from the GAL saying my sons should come home, that there was no evidence of maltreatment or deprivation as indicated by the other agency in returning my son and never taking my daughter. The judge ordered that my sons were still deprived (living in foster care) and would likely continue and terminated my rights. Less than a year later, my appeal was rejected and in September 2007, my sons were adopted by the foster family that stated form the start they wanted to adopt. The reason my sons were taken was to be adopted. Nothing more. And CPS failed to place them with a fit and willing relative as required by law. They wouldn't even look into placement with family because family adoptions cost nothing. Even after my sons were adopted, that CPS agency tried to fight me to pay child support. But we went to court and won that one. I am hoping that by putting my story out there that someone will reach out and help this family. We have done no wrong and all we want is equal opportunities as anyone else accused of being criminals. we want a fair trial, a chance to face our accusers, a jury of our peers, everything that our Constitution guarantees us and that we were denied. Please spread the word and please sign my petition. Let's bring reform to this country and save the families. No one should have to suffer as much as my family has. My son and two daughters deserve to know their brothers. Jadyn and Joey have a right to know their family and their heritage. To know that they are a direct descendant of General Robert E. Lee.

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