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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trial begins for Arlington woman wanting children returned

Trial begins for Arlington woman wanting children returned

A mother’s home environment put her two children and her unborn baby in danger last year while they lived in Richland Hills, an attorney for the kids’ foster family told a Tarrant County jury Tuesday morning.

Kellye Swanda of Arlington noted to jurors that Whitney Walker admitted to using methamphetamine while she was pregnant with each child. In April 2007, two of the them tested positive for methamphetamine in their system, according to police.

Note: I'm following this case because this is one of those cases where the foster parents are trying to thwart the reunification efforts of the mother so that they can adopt.

This shouldn't even be an option for them.


  1. What's CPS' position?

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    This attorney Kellye Swanda conspired with her clients to kidnap my child. THis attorney needs to be disbared. The DA office of tarrant county is investigating the attorney for fraud charges. She forged my signature on legal documents giving her clients full parental rights. I am in the army and this was done while I was away without my knowledge. What kind of country do we live in where a soldier can have thier child stolen from them without even knowing it. I missed 2 years of my child's life that I can never get back. My story aired on channel 8 Oct 9 2009 reported by Chris Hawes if you want to see the signatures and hear more.

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    This woman is a FUCKING BITCH and will sleep with any male client, and threaten any female client, she chooses. And be CAREFUL if you are "evaluated" by this woman ~ she'll probably ridicule you on her Facebook page!!!

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Despite Kellye's Swanda's fierce condemnation of drug-addicted parents, in 2011, she began dating a known "recovering" crack addict, allowing the man to spend holidays only with her and her children only weeks after meeting him. This man spent 7 years addicted to crack before turning to truck driving. However, he repeatedly relapsed in 2011 and failed two drugs tests and can no longer find employment in the trucking industry. Within weeks of meeting him, although knowing of his drug history, she allowed him to pick up her teenage daughter while she stayed at home.

    She has questioned her own daughter as to the signs of crack use, ostensibly to be able to spot drug usage in her "boyfriend". If doubted, just request copies of his employment drug tests for 2011.

    She has appeared HIGHLY reluctant to reveal this fact to her [husband], Dean Swanda, or that she's allowing such an individual around their children.

    This woman should be reported. At the very least, her vindictive judgment is hugely suspect.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    According to court documents you lost this case.

  6. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Dallas and Tarrant County. Home of multiple death row inmates being released on DNA evidence and trumped up drug charges by authorities. Home of more impropriety than anywhere in the state.

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