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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Foster care foulups

Foster care foulups

Legislators focused mostly on the case of the foster parent in Benton County convicted of molesting two boys. Department of Human Services failings in the case were many, according to witnesses. Bella Vista police detective Barb Shrum said hotlines aren’t responsive, didn’t report calls on kids in the predator’s care, interviewed kids in the home with foster father in other room, didn’t think it was odd there were video cameras all over the house including in the bathroom. DHS also didn’t have photos of the kids in foster care so the detectives could compare them to the porno they found at the suspect's house, The state told Shrum said they couldn’t afford the film processing or to buy digital. One child was returned to the abusive foster father despite having reported a wound from a screwdriver thrown at him.

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