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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby at Visit

The last visit of Dad with his baby. CPS cut off visits after receiving an illegally obtained partial "psych eval" that was obviously sabotaged, and nothing but regurgitated rhetoric handed to the "doctor" by the social worker. Notice "The Room" that is the same "Room" all over the globe! This poor little baby is a pawn being used for political agendas that are harming him. He doesn't even have a name yet! Can any sane human even think that this poor baby is better off in "foster slavery" than with his own parents? He has a happy 2-parent home with a mother and father that love him with all their heart. There is no claim of abuse or neglect! The "State" didn't even know this baby existed for certain until they hijacked the mother in a parkinglot and ripped the baby away from her. On accusation from a social worker from another state that there are other children being held hostage, so this baby might be at risk!? Might? Possible? Can we say "prior restraint" and "denial of due process"? How about "failure to provide pre-deprivation hearing"? How about outright "Kidnapping"!?

Regarding the "evaluation", the "doctor" completely contradicts his own test results in order to placate his sugar-momma social worker. He knows where his money comes from! The "evaluation" is protected under state and federal laws regarding psychologist-client communications and HIPAA laws. RCW 18.83.110 "Confidential communications between a client and a psychologist shall be privileged against compulsory disclosure to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as confidential communications between attorney and client". See also "Jaffee vs Redmond" at US Supreme Court 1996. The "court" ordered the partial evaluation released to Washington social worker (without Dad knowing!), who then immediately sent it to Oregon social worker, who immediately cut off all contact and visits between Dad and son because the "doctor" said dad was "not safe around any minor children until he completes the evaluation" (i.e. until the "doctor" receives full payment from the government!)

The whole "evaluation" crap is a complete fraud. Nobody should ever subject themselves to it. It is a violation of multitudes of Rights. How is it that a father should have to prove himself fit to raise his own children? Are the "caretakers" and "foster parents" subject to these evaluations? Why is a Parent forced to undergo stricter criteria than a complete stranger to the child? Because there is money involved. A stranger would just walk away. Hold a baby hostage, and a parent is at your mercy! "Government" does NOT care one wit about children, beyond the value they receive for keeping the child alive and away from it's parents.

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