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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Social services may take obese children into care

Social services may take obese children into care

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling for a national debate about the extent to which dangerous childhood obesity could be considered as a factor contributing to parental neglect.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    What if the obese child is not being abused but has a genetic or metabolic problem that is causing the child to become ill? Some children can survive quite well on ramen, government cheese and peanut butter... and others become quite large. Obesity is not always parental neglect.
    I was a very large child who was chronically starved and as a result became larger. In my mother's case, it was parental neglect... but genetics also played a big part. I can't say whether or not I'd rather have lived with my insane mother or been systematically sexually abused or beaten in foster care... hmmm. Since foster care is rife with abuse... how is that going to help an obese child who is fat for whatever reason (genetics, overeating, medical condition) cope? Stay at home and be fed or be in foster care and be raped? That child may even bury itself further in food (if it has an overeating disorder) and become fatter.

    And who's going to do something about the daily abuse they receive from the f*ckwipe kids at school who consistently abuse them? Who's going to sit their idiot parents down and say treat this fat child like a human being, too?
    Probably fat people becoming extremely enraged about being treated like second-class invisible citizens... because it's not okay for white middle class America to make fun of blacks, Jews, the handicapped, or whoever else these inadequate morons I must put up with every day need to make fun of to validate their pathetic existences.
    This law is bullshit.

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    How do you know you would have been sexually abused or beaten in foster care? Surely you do not believe all foster families are that horrific?

    Blood work, medical care, diet.......all things that if a parent follows through with and works with their PCP.....then only a child truly neglected would face being removed.

    I know of 2 children so overweight and unhealthy. Their mother gives them soda pop and junk food all day long. She and her husband are also overweight. Her house is a pigsty, their car is even worse. The 4yo is over 75 pounds and the 8yo is over 130 pounds.

    The younger boy is vicious and angry and hostile towards others. The older is kind and caring, but struggles to breath after playing for a few minutes. These children need intervention. They need to have the right to live.

    I say remove these kids and give them a chance at life their parents don't care to give them.


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