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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missouri governor creates panel to study foster care system

Missouri governor creates panel to study foster care system

Committee members include five members of Blunt's Cabinet, a judge, business leaders, a foster parent and two people who had been in the foster care system.

Note: No family rights advocates or parents who have experienced the system though.


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    There is certainly one case that I am currently involved with that needs urgently looking into and that is of shreddedsociety. This case has highlighted a clear mishandling of due court processes, destruction of court documents, victimisation, bullying and harrassment of a young mother.

    Whilst there is no doubt at all that her whole case was an absolute sham and most likely carried out using illegal activities to justify their retention of her daughter, there is also no doubt that a significant number of high ranking officials including the DA conspired amongst themselves to destroy the relationship between this woman and her daughter.

    This was a calculated and inhuman act that needs the most urgent attention, sadly those who could do anything are all involved heavily with the system.

    To actually get justice in this situation is going to be incredibly tough..



    It is long gone time the state of Missouri looked at least into this case.

    However I think that the whole state is going to have to be pulled down internationally for that to happen.

    Foster care procedures need reviewing urgently.

  2. As I read your comment about the case you are currently looking into, it sounded so identical to one involving my daughter and granddaughter that I have to ask if you know of anywhere we could find any kind of help with this sort of thing? It has basically destroyed my daughter's life, the way they stole this, her middle child, from her. It was the most blatant case of judicial misconduct I have ever experienced and will be a nightmare to me for the rest of my life. Please, please tell me more

  3. I tried to find the case you were referring to, but I seem to be at a loss. Can you help me out with this?


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