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Monday, August 11, 2008

Editorial: CPS gets attention

Editorial: CPS gets attention

It took too long. Too many children have died. But Sacramento County's Child Protective Services is finally geting the attention it merits. The Sacramento County grand jury has launched an investigation. And Sacramento supervisors say they will hire an independent outside consultant to probe CPS.

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  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I get the SAC BEE'S daily e-news.
    I also KNOW our state grand juries
    are preened and picked by "the
    system." Each of the last 3 years
    our county, Siskiyou at the top
    the state, has been hard pressed
    to find the 19 jurors needed to
    staff a grand jury. Last year
    the were so short of insiders to
    submit applications to be grand
    jurors, that they reinstated SIX
    from the previous grand jury, to
    make the 19 they needed, passing
    myown application to sit on the
    grand jury, completely. This is
    straight up ill eagle. Contrary
    to statutory provisions.

    The statutes further provide grand
    jurors must be picked at randumb.
    No done. Ever. In any CA. County. Grand Jurors are selected
    from persons who submit applications and no counties have
    but the number required, ever.

    Get it?

    I have concluded the SAC grand jury
    involvment and projected "report"
    were been planned, to demand more
    FUND$, period.

    The deaths were no higher than usual but spotlighted by the BEE
    in the months prior, in such a manner to assure the public serpents planned to use the G.J.
    in Sacramento simply to bolster
    their demands for money knowing,
    the money is running out so they
    prepared to shock and awe the
    public to sheild their increasing
    demands or at least protect the
    Big Dollars human services now



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