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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A comment

This comment was left here earlier, I decided to post it so that it wasn't missed.

My 24 year old son once lived in Altus OK. He was in a relationship during his time there, that resulted in a little girl being born 01-2005. He did not find out about his child until more then a year after the child was born. The past two + years the child's biological mother has been involved in using and selling drugs, and the little girl has been in a foster home. We just received a letter from the State of OK family Court saying that they are searching for family this little girl might have.

My son and I do not live in OK any longer--we live in NY, and we do not know what to do from this distance. Unfortunately we cannot afford an attorney to help us. We would like to do what ever is necessary to bring this little girl to live with us here in NY.

Anyone reading this, please be so kind and refer my email address to anyone (attorney's, etc) who can help us pro-bono, so we get this precious little girl out of the foster care system in OK, and into our home where we can take care of her and love her.

My email adress:
Thank you and godbless

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