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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mother striving to get custody

Mother striving to get custody

Christina Keschick had been beaten, abused, and tormented, and went to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's Behavioral Health and social services for help.

She ended up losing her entire family.

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  1. hi i am christina keshick my last name was mispelled in the newspaper article. i do have a myspace account under the email name but i recieve e-mail at please write or visit my myspace page you must add me to your myspace because i have it under private i know my children were not onot kidnapped but illegally kidnapped by the social workers when i went to jail for them unpaid traffic tickets the social worker came to me in the jail and said were taking the children and placing them in foster homes i said why i didnt harm abuse them or neglect them.she said i would get them back when i got out....during the 2 hours i was in jail this is what happend ....mychildren were at the tribal gym just getting out of school i told the arresting officer to call my mother and tell the kids ill be out of jail cause my bond was 400.00 in the meantime the social workers went to the gym lured my children up by telling them were having a pizza party and mom is gonna be there my children know i never lie so if them social workers told them i was gonna be there my children knew i was gonna be there so all my children went with them to social services building there hot pizza was waiting and they ate and some of my children said wheres my mom (and from the statements my children and the tribal librain written)the social workers told my children mom is runnign a lil late she will be here (BIG LIE) to my children who suffered enough already well my parents got notified not through the arresting officer but by my niece who was there when i was arrested i told her to o to call grandma so my mother went to pick up the kids and then the social workers LOCKED ALL MY CHILDREN in their building and told them the truth you kids are going to foster homes cause you mom doesnt know how to take care of you and none of your family wants parents and all rthe children in the gym witnessed my children crying and sobbing as they were locked in the social services building my parents and other family there crying to get them and this is in 2 hours!!! soon as the social workers got them into foster homes the children were on their way the soical workers did let my parents and my sister my nieces and nephews say goodbye BUT my children sobbed and cried dont let them take us help us and they clung onto my family wouldnt let them go so tribal officers were called and my children were sent to foster homes i done no neglect,no harm,no abuse to all my children NONE i cry everytime i read my childrens statements one of my children was on the head with a binder by a counselor for a reason she ate the last pizza.another one of my children stated in her statemnt that she was gonna be in a foster home til she was 18 and that none of her family wants her my daughter said in her statement that the social worker told her they are taking them cause your mom doesnt know how to take care of you guyshow could they say things like this to children who been through enough how could they do this to me after i went to them for help my children tell me mom when are we going back home? why they take us? i cant explain to them anything or the social workers tell the judge she is telling the kids secrets which makes me have a bad attitude i am now currently in the ropes end of losing my home my vehicle i already have no food in my home my bills finally have shutoff notices all due to their child support which takes all my checks and i mean everyone of them.i have to do what they say during the week and im pretty booked for the week no time to get a job i can get a night job but it will leave me with 5 hours of sleep a day but i remanin strong i do know the 7 grandfather teachings thats why i stand strong and NEVER will i give up on the fight for my children they are truly my strength i love honor and cherish each one of my kids my only reason for going on through everything i ever been throuogh are my children.......i miss my children so much its hard being in the empty house where once laughter,laughs,playtime was once loud,spongebob blasted on the tv i miss my children and i know i will get them back......


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