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Friday, May 23, 2008

Regarding The FLDS Decision

I honestly believe that if not for the media attention, this decision would be radically different. Whenever Child Protective Services gets media spotlight on any of their cases, they are suddenly forced to do the right thing, as it is the only time they are subjected to any checks and balances.

Imagine that.


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  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I am extatically shocked that they got a slap on the wrist over this.

    I figured that they would be able to twist things to thier advantage as usual!

    I found it hilarious that two of the endangered teens they were talking about in the media were proven to be 18 & 22! Can you imagine being a 22 yr. old foster kid! I hope they sue the daylights out of Texas CPS, one cult to another. Who was REALLY brainwashing people in this case? HMMMM?


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