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Friday, May 23, 2008

Government can inflict abuse also

Government can inflict abuse also

Ellen Goodman's "Destroying village" column in the Advertiser, concerning the Eldorado religious sect, was evidently another attempt to justify mass governmental intervention in the lives of citizens.
Who's Kids Are They Anyway?

The mass abduction of hundreds of children who lived at the "Yearning for Zion" ranch in Eldorado, Texas was just the beginning of predictably disgraceful behavior by the state's Child Protective Services agency. CPS is an agency that frequently runs amok in many states, an out-of-control organization that regularly tramples on the rights of adults accused of abusing children. The horror stories of parents humiliated by the storm trooper tactics of this bunch of state bureaucrats are lengthy.

Note: Really?

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Anyone can ACCUSE parents of negligence or abuse. Parents are left with the burden of proving thier innocense. How do you do that when Parents are not allowed to speak, only a Court appointed Advocate who has NEVER laid eyes on the children they "advocate" the only side that is heard is that of CPS. whom you have allowed into your home CALL your Employers, talk to your neighbors...but only listen to what they chose to hear! My worker NEVER even looked at my children to see if they had bruises, cuts, scrapes, she saw them in a well appointed home, very well taken care when a Dad gets mad and throws them out, he is abusive, when a Mom cries hysterically because they are stealing her children, she is unstable! They never tell you what the APPROPRIATE response is to thier insistance on taking your children.


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