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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is it child protection or legal kidnapping?

Is it child protection or legal kidnapping?

Children being taken from their homes, based on tips from anonymous telephone callers alleging abuse or neglect, has been cast in a harsh spotlight in the Texas polygamy case, and there’s growing evidence that more than a few of the 510,000 children placed in foster care annually don’t belong there.


  1. It is kidnapping, and it shouldn't be legal! I had my child taken from me without any kind of investigation because of a poorly written letter to an Alabama judge, who immediately ordered that the cops come remove my son from my home and turn him over to an abusive, vindictive woman who needs mental help. My son has been emotionally scarred for life, I am still in shock, and am suffering emotional as well as financial hardship. Guilty until proven innocent--these modern day witch hunts are tearing apart families and ruining lives. This has to stop!!!

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    you are the first person I have ever told this story. My brother was taken away from my mom in houston, tx. Their case in listed on google. my mothers boyfriend turned out to be an abuser and an addict. my brother was taken away by the texas cps. my mother did everything in her power to get my brother back, but the foster family had too much money. I can see him in a few years when he turns 18. I just wish he knew how hard his mom fought for him and how much his brother and sisters love him.

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    And stories like that are why I am doing this blog.

    These people need to be stopped.

  4. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I too had my child taken from me by my mother-inlaw and a Judge that only new her side of the story. She has mental disorders and is abusive to all males in her life including her husband. Luckily my child is female. They should not be able to just take children with out a full on investigation. My daughter still worries that I will not be there. We need to band together and get this stopped!!!
    Ivy Grubb

  5. foster parents financial prowess is why your brother is still in care? if you only knew how VERY LITTLE foster parents matter in court. THEY DONT. nobody cares how rich foster parents are, BASELESS.

  6. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Hi I have never written anything b4 I am a 30 yr old woman and had police at the maternity hospital because of a sibling rivalery between my husband and his brother my husband is the most kindest man i have ever met and he got accused of abusing his brother anyone that knows him knows he would never do that he did time for it and now my 4 mth old baby girl is doing time i have had 3 assessments parenting assessment i was in a mother and baby placement and the foster parents said i was an excellent mum and still nothing i go to court and it goes in local authorities(from here on known as (l.a.) favour taking into account that i married him after he went to prison and didn't know him when the claim was made the l.a. are treating me like a child and are pushing for me to divorce him is this right should the past matter or have the open minded people been silenced behind closed doors by l.a. and why cant people talk freely about family proceddings as it affects the whole family they wont even let my family see my daughter is this right or justice i have never commited a crime only falling in love with my husband and he is not the orge they try to present him as with false reports and a stuck up social worker that doesn't even return calls?

  7. Darren Armitage4:42 PM

    Hmm. Busy blog.

    I am Darren Armitage, a lawyer, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    I regularly represent parents whose children have been taken by our local Ministry (of "social services"... though it could be of "holy righteousness").

    It is my experience that, as indicated, children are often apprehended on flimsy evidence, the likes of which are completely inadmissible as proof in a trial.

    It is my experience that, by the time the parents (and the child, who is the real victim) have their day in court, the Ministry's actions have destroyed the bond between the child and the parent, and that they then use this result to argue against the return of the child to the parent.

    In other words, regardless of whether they were right, or wrong, to proceed as they did; they now rely on the results of such process to justify their further decision to keep the child. It's as perverse and circular a reasoning as you will find anywhere.

    I find that when I question MNS workers (other than in court), I am faced with a sort of self-righteousness and unreasoning faith in their own decisions. I have never, in years, ever heard a MNS worker ever question, or admit to any uncertainty, about their decisions.

    Which I find the most frightening of all... namely, that they are prepared to accept the correctness of their own decisions, regardless of evidence to the contrary. I have always said I fear only those who are certain... in other words, zealots... of all kinds.

    Zealotry is the driving force behind our Ministry. They make life-changing decisions, on terrible, or even completely absent evidence, and both children and parent's pay the price. Society does, too, as these children then go on to become the "dangerous offender" candidates when they mature. They are so incredibly damaged (a popular term is "reactive attachment disorder" that many cannot and will not have anything like a normal life.

    There are children who need protection. But I think that at least as many children as are "saved" by the Ministry, are horribly abused and permanently damaged by them... without good reason.

    As the court said, in a recent case, "I am certain of at least one thing, namely that ** did not ever have a fair chance to show that he could parent (his daughter).

    I think that the facts which the court was considering are common features, in child protection cases. I think that the rights of both parents and children are regularly trampled by the Ministry's zealots, who do extreme harm to both, all in the name of "protection".

    I think chidren need protection, including from judgmental and overzealous public servants.

    I am currently working with certain agencies, in Saskatchewan, toward taking legal action against the Ministry for it's many historical abuses. I am hoping it comes together. I want nothing less than national headlines.

    I guess I just felt like sharing all of this.


  8. It's NOT just annonymous callers folks... now the new deal is say your kid gets into any matter (a fight after school, truancy, ran away,ect ) they drag them into "juvenile/family court" then they take them. You as a parent are expecting a fair trial with real laws and applicable punishment, but you will not get that! It's a money making sham! The lawyers make out, the judges, the assistants, the clerks, the councilers, the social workers, the clinicians, foster parents, group home facilitators, it goes on and on!You will not win. They value their jobs far greater than truth, and the sheer numbers of these people dominate communities. We must demand our legislators stop this!
    And if they refuse we must take action, our children are worth it!

  9. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I met a gal who's kids were taken away about fifteen years ago in Texas because of a Mongolian spot on her baby's back. The baby had this mark at birth and the workers and courts would not let the mother explain or ask doctors. The public defender didn't even do his job. Then, when Social Services realized they had wrongfully taken her kids, they "added to" the case. I wonder how many others had this happen as I know my half Puerto Rican child was born with a Mongolian spot and I thought it was a bruise until the hospital explained it to me. And explain to me how when a woman leaves an abuser for her kids, the state doesn't help her, but if the parents are together, the kids get taken. We need Serious REFORM of this system.

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    It amazes me that when a woman leaves an abusive husband and goes into a shelter, it may actually hinder her custody case. How does that make sense? You make a choice for your children and it's used against them?

  11. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Missouri Foster parents need to be checked out better too. You wouldn't believe the horror stories I heard from my husband and his siblings, and even with the children reporting it, they were stuck.

  12. mygirls6:16 PM

    I lost my 3 beautiful girls to the gov't after a gross complaint of abandonment was made by my SISTER.I had left 2 of 3 of my children in the care of my evil sister while taking the 3rd to our new residing state to enroll in school.Being gone 1 week,the allegations of abandonment landed the girls in foster care for 8 mths before the 1st court hearing.I was found not guilty within my 5 min of being on the stand.Another allegation was brought against me claiming I "may have" slapped or pulled my oldest daughters hairat some point.I was given a "basic" case plan to follow that stated i had to work a 40 hr wk etc.etc. if i wanted my girls back.Also stating I had to go to counselling,show proof of taking meds,etc etc.I wasn't suppose to be working(100% disabled),paid for blood work to prove i was on meds,did parenting and counseling and on and on.The dcf workers wouldn't tell me what or how many but i continued classes and did everything i knew to do.I suffered a hrt attack due to my disability and ended up with a pace maker at age 32 due to the stress of all this!Because I couldn't any longer work,I was told that I didn't follow the case plan and they terminated my rights!My children were placed with my xwho hadn't had ANYTHING to do with them in 4 yrs!he is also convicted felon for beating me while we were married in front of my girls!My oldest daughters father failed his home study 2x's and passed the 3rd!I was given 1 study and told i don't make enough $!My oldest (18) is in and out of jail now with a major drug addiction.My middle daughter tried commiting suicide last week and says its better to be dead then abused by her dad!My crt apptd atty wouldn't share info from the case with me,nor would he attend meetings with me at dcf!This was a family matter,not criminal,all my civil rights including4th ammendment were violated in all ways!dcf wouldn't allow me to see"alleged" evidence,talk to or see my girls when i was suppose to(after I would fly from my state to theirs)every visit.They told me if i married my fiance it would be unstable and he should move out.He left me for the childrens sake and they told me i was unstable cuz he moved!
    The story goes on and on what they did to me!I have some proof but the court appt'd J/A wont allow me my file to see whats in or missing from it!Nor would he subpeona witnesses!The state had 1 1/2 days to prove their case and gave me no chance at rebuttal with witnesses but apx 45 min to state my defense!
    PLEASE!if anyone has info on how i can try to fight this nightmare,I ask out of desperation that you pass it on.I am not a bad person,i am a loving,NON ABUSIVE,drug and alcohol free MOM that was given the right and blessed by God to have 3 beautiful lives to care for and this unworthy CULT has stolen them from me!
    I pray that someone,somewhere will see my heart wrenching pain and help me help them.
    God Bless,

  13. Oh yes and these Evildoer Officials who perpetrate this Malfeasance against the General Public target Families because families are the easy target.
    Those bad Officials glory in their malicious-fraud treachery & deceit oppressing people because they are in a Government position able to do it.
    And it is most correct this kidnappping is in no way legal. It's at best a politically criminal organization and is treasonable by every legal definition: even by the definition of the Officials who with their best attempt try to mitigate the perception as it is all mistakes or incompetence that happens unavoidably. Because my guess is, acting as a Public Prosecutor on behalf of the People of the State of California, the truth is this stealing children is the real & significant symptom of Government' Officials' economic-political thinking being exercised then executed in truth and real governance: in other words they are manipulating government into a vehicle to illegally-economically exploit the masse$.
    This has all been explained: it's radical Marxi$m.
    And it's growing stronger and larger and being lead & enforced by the Judiciary. The State won't help and the Federal Bureua of Investigation isn't helping We the People because the F.B.I. works for and is under the Department of Justice.
    The F.B.I.'s job is to provide services to Federal, State and local Courts.
    Government kidnaps kids.
    The Judiciary throughout history has been known to live off of (as it's been said) the blood of children. People suck and the United States Constitution was made with checks & balances to counter this problem. But evidently the Officialdom is uniting in this political thinking. And the ones who can do anything about it it seems they lack the courage.
    There are evil Marxist thinking Officials & we need to start saying that loudly: and it's treason we must also say that.
    And those Officials trying to mitigate, well what they are doing is giving it comfort, aid & adhering to it.
    We the People simply must recognize that: "There are people who are basically evil in Government."
    When they are discovered they need to be severely punished for the sake of making an example out of them: man and woman alike.

  14. Anonymous4:53 PM

    these cases need to be investigated before the children are taken away. the 'abusers' must not know about it, otherwise they'll put on an act. I'm not sure if that's a violation of privacy etc. though.
    I have an example to this all. I have a very dear friend from Hampshire, and I am from the Netherlands. the boy is 14 years old and has been through so much. it's horrible, I'm not being pathetic. he's being neglected, physically and mentally abused. he's also being bullied at school. not just calling names and making a fool of him, it's much worse; classmates would smack him to a fence and punch him bleeding. even though he's incredibly sweet, caring, considerate and sincere; he wouldn't hurt a fly. don't tell me I'm being naïve because we're only internet friends. he's like a brother to me. he's such a good person. yet hes being maltreated by most everyone he runs into, has no self esteem at all, is expremely depressed up to the rate of body aches and severe exhaustion. he's experienced many traumas and experiences guilt, even for things that aren't his fault. his parents' attention merely goes out to his younger brother. he's much like being ignored. his parents don't make him dinner either. he prepares dinner for everyone. they are truly a disfunctional family.
    this boy needs to be taken away from there! there are a few things that stop me though. his parents; I've never spoken to them, his best friend which I'd also consider my brother. they care so incredibly much about each other. and of course, laws about kidnapping.

  15. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Its happening in saint Louis can we stop this.

  16. I lost all 3 of my children in mississippi there was no evidence no just cause just a lot of lies and people with a lot more money than I had

  17. It happens alot in mississippi I lost all 3 of my babies with no evedince just a gardien at lidem that believed every lie she was told and didnt care what my kids wanted

  18. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I lost my children cause i called the cops on my x for molesting my oldest daughter. I was given 3 outta 4 children back after fighting for years! Kissing their (social workers) butt every step of the way. They took my parental rights away from me on my baby cause the foster parents wanted to adopt her. Filed an appeal and due to lack of money. Couldn't precede.
    I see and hear everyone complaining about it except lawyers and judges. The ones that has the power to do something about this "legalized kidnapping".
    I don't think it will happen in my lifetime. But just to get wind of a pro-bono lawyer actually starting a fight against the state would be a blessing!!

    Camella Frances Vagle, born January 29, 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky... Your Real Mother, sisters and brothers loves and misses you tremendously!!

    Patiently waiting for your 18th birthday!!!

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      You can sign a petition to stop this at Camella's Law on! Please sign and have your family and friends sign. We need 10,000 signatures!!

  19. Victor Baker11:04 AM

    Legal kidnapping is a strategy of using failure of due process. They have an exit during court process if necessary. This failure of due process, lack of state investigation paves the way for anyone bold enough to take on an obsolete system. This has been going on since the beginning of the court system and also used to falsely convict innocent people of a crime they didn't commit. Very disturbing news. I'm so sorry to be the one to tell people what is really going on. I'm not allow to report this by show and tell in person to any state senators! My investigation is very well documented. It's very upsetting to know this.


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