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Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Orphan Manufacturing Chain

The Orphan Manufacturing Chain

Who wants to buy a baby? Certainly not most people who try to adopt internationally. And yet too often that's how their dollars and euros are being used.

The idea that the developing world has millions of healthy infants and toddlers in need of new homes is a myth. In poor countries as in rich ones, healthy babies are rarely abandoned or relinquished -- except in China, with its one-child policy. The vast majority of children who need adoption are older, sick, disabled or traumatized. But most Westerners waiting in line are looking for healthy infants or toddlers to take home.
Overlooking an Adoption Reality

The Jan. 11 Outlook commentary "The Orphan Manufacturing Chain" said that "too often," international adoptions are marked by corruption and that in Vietnam in particular, there is "fraud in the overwhelming majority of cases of infants offered for international adoption."

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