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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby P council hired US college kids to be £36,000 a year social workers

Baby P council hired US college kids to be £36,000 a year social workers

Inexperienced American college students, lured to British social service jobs with the promise of high salaries and a party lifestyle, are deciding which children should be taken away from their parents.

In many cases, the young recruits are making vital child protection decisions without a single day’s training in the UK. Many of the hundreds of workers making the trip boast they are coming here mainly to have a good time and admit they cannot cope with the pressures of their work.

Note: Send them all over there!


  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    No surprising really. Why would anyone want to do the job when people like you attack them for every single decision they make? They can't get it right. If they put a child into care for safety it's kidnapping. If the don't - for fear for being criticised - and a parent injures or kills them - they are wrong again.

    If you are so damn clever YOU try making the very tough decision about which kids are safe and which are not while having people jumping on you and criticising every move.

    It is no coincidence that since Baby P the number of kids being taken into care has skyrocketed.

    They can't win.

    I'm not saying that decisions taken in that case were right, but the consequence of a mistake may be even more mistakes.

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    You give me way too much credit.

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM


    I am a final year Public Relations student at the University of Central Lancashire, UK and I am currently carrying out my dissertation on crisis communications online, focusing on the case of Baby P. My research is studying the different online methods that have been used to view / discuss the case.

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