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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Be Discouraged by Naysayers

Are you a bulimic-germaphobe?

Are you looking for an easier way to make yourself puke without having to stick those dirty fingers in your mouth?

Well come with me on a little journey into the mind of the brainwashed and watch as I get the System Sucks all worked up at the same time. It is time to bring to your attention an all new nut job on Adoption Blogs. I've been following this blog for a couple weeks now, and what a piece of work this one is.

As a side note... I will not be hot-linking the links, you will need to copy them and paste them into your browser. I was blocked from linking to them a long time ago. Long story. No need to drag out this post.

Meet Renee from the "Hoping to Adopt Blog." Rene is a very particular, and might I add, very common type of adoptive parent, which I have labeled the Looney Tune (the video's in this post will explain). She joins Adoption Blogs with advice for those of you who are considering the adoption option.

Renee advises "Don't Be Discouraged by Naysayers"

"Naysayers?" Please... She doesn't even have half a clue that the Ultimate "Naysayer" of all is on to her little blog. I'm sure one of the System Sucks will tell her though. So no worries.

The Visitation Stage

Here she says the following...
I've found this stage of foster adoption to be one of the most difficult times for me as a mom. When we adopt, my children become mine the moment I am first shown their picture. For me, the visual image captures my heart. I know what their face looks like, what color their eyes and hair are. I have a connection instantly. I am aware that this does not happen for everyone but it does for me. At that moment, I become maternal toward this person. I want to sweep him up and bring him home. I want to end his suffering, his waiting. Before I can do anything for him though, I must follow the rules and have our period of visitation. I must pick him up and drop him off over and over again. Each time is more painful as I fall in love with this child.



  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Too funny. I bet the Adoption Resource Exchange Network is not very happy right now.

  2. I had to laugh at this:

    "anyone can give birth it takes a real woman to be a mother to children..."

    This coming from someone desperately trying to get pregnant? If "anyone" could give birth, she wouldn't be trying so desperately to do just that! I stand by the idea that GOD chooses who gives birth to whom (and when). Adoption takes God out of the equation altogether.


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