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Friday, February 27, 2009

Children's Rights Campaigner Say's Bring it on Jack

Please Sign the petition for adopted Children to find a stem cell donor.

Open court : RCJ Strand LONDON 26th Feb 2009

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  1. Well done Linda, for making this video, its about time somebody stood up to this Government,and this appalling violation of Human Rights.
    The Family Courts,and the basis of silence, is like a saga from the 1600s.
    I will never give up the fight,for what is right.
    Mr Straw,you obviously don't have any idea,what it is like,to have your life torn apart,Children wrongly taken into care,and then have your name vindicated, but due to Corruption,loose a Child to forced adoption.
    Why are you so frightened?
    The general Public have a right to know what happens,with reference to the System Abuse,and gross miscarriage of Justice, which takes place within the UK.
    Baby P, Doncaster, Huddersfield,and all the other Local Authority failings are reported on freely.
    You are obviously stating that is acceptable to have your Children stolen by the state,and sit there and say nothing.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.


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