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Sunday, August 27, 2017

LK Report for 8/27/17 - The Foster Care and Adoption Info that CPS doesn't want you to know...

Here are today's headlines.  
Check back later.  You never know when I might update this post.

An ongoing conversation on  Worth the read or perhaps you have some advice for this CPS Victim.

More >> New York - I've been visited by CPS 8 times, to enquire about a child I don't have. At what point it becomes harassment or stalking?

LANSING, MI - Michigan parents could see more joint custody and substantially equal parenting time under a bill the House of Representatives is considering.

More >> Michigan parents could get more joint custody, shared parenting time under House bill

State officials have found that San Joaquin County is failing to properly care for its foster youth — from inadequate visits by social workers to poor monitoring of psychotropic drugs — with problems extending far beyond an emergency shelter where hundreds of abused and neglected children have been arrested and jailed for minor misdeeds.

More >> State demands fixes in San Joaquin foster care system

Local foster dad charged with murder of a toddler

More >> Foster dad charged with murder

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  1. Who in the hell considers a child murderer a foster "dad"? That almost makes me want to go to jail to find his ass and take care of him myself. If I didn't have a battle of my own...


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